Failed again!

Ugh. I’m terrible. From now on, I’m lowering expectations of myself. So much has happened since my last update. I’ll try and recap.

1) knitting, lots of knitting

2) cooking

3) spring break to London and Paris!!! More later.

4) readjusting.

5) planning life.

Ok, so SEE? I can make a post and start here! And, in the spirit of keeping it doable, here’s some pics. Bu I won’t be able to tell you all of what’s awesome about them, low expectations and all…

Finished my DRK everyday sweater!!!
It fits!!
Lester goes to daycare again! With Mabel!
I knitted for 12 hours for Knit For Food. We raised over $250,000 to fight hunger!
Mabel just being adorbs
Did I share this? My husband worked on this in between cases in the OR and clinic, and when I went to bed at night. He’s just the best. We don’t even celebrate Valentine’s but damn this was the best!
The dogs really love these sniff walks!
Lots of cooking! This was Mongolian beef, so damn tasty even this finicky 9 yr old loves it
Weaving class! Im addicted. Can’t wait to sign up for a floor loom class
Stupid awning collapsed. We bought the 1929 beauty last year and we’re going to build a front porch anyway. This monstrosity pissed my husband off every time he came home. It had a saggy diaper daily, and sometimes a stabby saggy diaper with the icicles. RIP. But, I couldn’t leave it like that. I’m not an animal!
I gave it the worst 2nd grade home haircut ever with a pair of kitchen scissors. Damn straight. Climbed right up the metal and cut that hideous thing to bits. But. That didn’t fix the tetanus-waiting-to-happen.
So I hired the best handywoman ever and she took that shit down! Hallelujah!
Working on the Satellite shawl. Ripped it back when I didn’t love the colors. Had this going right up until when we left for the trip!

As to the trip. Swoooooon. Other than the crippling anxiety from both children. One has some generalized, post pandemic, and the other has some with his ADHD. They look different.

So, like, Girl child would panic when we weren’t sure which line to take where in London (part of the fun of traveling) or we didn’t know enough French yet (yes we did, and barely needed it in Paris), or how we didn’t have the right line memorized from Heathrow to the Airbnb when we arrived (again, traveling🤷‍♀️). The boy child would constantly be asking what was next, how much time we had, as soon as we started something he’d already be planning ahead. My husband and I are more laid back travelers. Me especially, because my mother always over planned everything and trips were no fun with that kind of anxiety leading the way. So, the kids anxietied, and we acknowledged but held strong to not scheduling everything. Eventually they settled a bit. They had to share a bed (horror of horrors) and we never stopped hearing the fights because of that. But otherwise, we had a blast! No really, we really did😂.

I’ll do pics later, but for now, here’s one to whet your whistle.

I think it really captures all the feels

Ok, hooray! I caught up! Well, kinda. One last knitting pic. Here’s my current obsession. The Velvet Mirror cowl. First time using mohair, and first time doubling it! So great!

Farmers daughters Oh Dang and spincycle Leith. I’m obsessed!

See y’all soon, next post will be pics from trip!

Happy spring!


2 thoughts on “Failed again!

  1. Congrats on your DRK sweater. It does look great. You and your family sure have been busy. I do not enjoy traveling. The unknown stresses me too. Hence our family vacations were to the same place year after year. Good luck on getting your front porch. How great you found a competent handywoman.


  2. Lucy Bowen

    Well I consider that a lot achieved! The trip sounds great – I hope London treated you well! The jumper looks great and we all need a great handy woman to call on for some jobs – mine is one of my best friends.


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