Hoooooboy, this covid is just still.here. We all feel like a bucket of yuck. Unfortunately, the testing situation just isn’t anywhere near ideal, so my husband is still working in the hospital. Every test he takes is negative, much the same as myself. But with a positive kiddo and all of us symptomatic, we just know we’ve all got it. I count myself lucky enough to be able to stay home with the kids and not have to worry about any of the foundation of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. So. Onward I go, knitting as I sneeze, cough, get nauseated, drink Gatorade and eat ramen. On day 6 of this…

I did this this morning. Thankful for a French press backup. Arguably better coffee anyway.

This isn’t the most auspicious of beginnings for my day, but I shall not let that ruin it! I am currently on my 3rd cup of coffee and knitting with an extra loud flickering candle. I’m not sure why I’m so sensitive to sounds but I am in general and maybe the covid has me extra special.

Mabel itching to go “romp” with the feral cat outside under the deck

I’m knitting and almost done with first ball of this glorious Purl Soho Good Wool, and have to get up out of this rocking chair only to wind another and get some tea. Because there isn’t enough hot beverage at the moment. If you look at my last post, you’ll see it was my first time using my beautiful new swift, and my cake was wonky. Last night I spent no less than two hours hand winding the last 1/3 of it that was all tangled. So now all is right with the world and here we are.

Hand wound ball

Aside from that, I am going to make some homemade yogurt today for the first time. Will document the atrocities that I’m sure will occur. I don’t have a stove currently so the instant pot is where we are until the covid goes away and we can have the new one installed.

Thanks to this awesome blog, I’ve been clued in to this Year of Projects thread on the Ravelry, so I’m going to go through and make a plan for my year and maybe actually knit from my stash! Hopefully. Maybe.

Probably not.

My Instagram feed is like a constant source of temptation. I’m on IG as @midtownfiber and @leeniewhite, if you want to come on by and friend me. You’ll get pics and reels and lots of my dogs too. Because omg look at these beauts.

Lester and Mabel

Hoping to have a good amount of pics and humor to share for the next post.

Oh shit, just got a call that I missed an appt. Fair warning, covid makes time stop and you forget where you’re supposed to be because of course you can’t be anywhere becausethisisneverendinghell.

Cheers, happy knitting, stay healthy!


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