Welcome to my corner!

I knit here. I read here. I definitely blog here. I am also constantly looking for more cozy corners and nooks because life is too short for only one corner.

Writing is my jam.

Knitting saved me.

This is likely a midlife crisis after retirement from epidemiology and nursing. Enjoy my musings because, very likely, you’re going to laugh and cry right along with me. I’m not alone here, after all. SOME OF YOU ARE ALSO 40.

This blog is going to have two sections, which I didn’t know until I started writing. That’s kind of what 40 does to you. Or the pandemic, or parenting, or retirement, who knows. Let’s call it a common experience.

The first is going to be my blog. Because I found writing when I needed it most, during this pandemic. I ran a Facebook page called Public Health is Your Job, Too. And yes, Facebook is a trash heap, a dumpster fire of epic proportions, and it sucks your soul minute by minute.

So that’s where you can find that page.

After I resigned and the media storm died down, it was my outlet, my only voice in a pandemic where public health was shouted down and where misinformation spread like wildfire. I also kept a blog by the same name for the longer pieces.

But I left it all because mental health is important and I didn’t have any without cutting ties. So. Now I am going to write freely at this blog about life and successes and things I am realizing, now that I’ve let go and the big wide world is all at my doorstep. I could do or be anything. Which is actually true now and not the Bullshit my mom fed me about “do what you love”. Because I did that and I’m in more student loan debt now than when I finished my graduate degree in epidemiology and my second Bachelors in Nursing. So, maybe don’t do what you love until you pay off your shit.

So, this is gonna be musings. Maybe some deep thoughts. Definitely humor. Lots of exploring and a general irreverence that is just me and you can scroll on by if you don’t love it.

Secondly, there will be a knitting/fiber/crafting blog. Because for me, fiber is uniting. The knitting community got me through this pandemic. I’m on a journey of sorts to discover all things fiber, and to promote what we have in Indiana. Come join me as I muddle my way through it!

Choose blog from the menu to follow my journey!

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